Beymelek – Bademi – Belos – Belen – Keklik – Lagoon (8hrs 30mins, hard) (14km)

2_1This difficult, exposed walk has amazing views over the lagoon and coast and partly follows an historic Roman road. It climbs the hillside behind Beymelek to a settlement on an outcrop then turns east to Belos, a Lycian/Roman fort and settlement. It follows the Lycian Way towards Belen; to shorten the walk, you could continue on the Lycian Way to Finike. Otherwise continue south to Belen village, Keklikhillltop and the Claudius monument. From here, a steep, rocky Roman road zigzags down to the entrance to the lagoon.
Well water (take purifying tablets); one spring. The only village is at Belen and has no shop or transport.

Beymelek – Bademi – Belos – Belen Yaylası – Keklik – Dalyan.

2_2From Beymelek mosque, walk uphill on village road to the last house on the left. Branch right / northeast on a footpath rising steadily through scrub then between rocks. Continue with a streambed below / right then round a corner to a sloping clearing. Continue level /west, turn left and re-enter trees, climbing a good path closer to the stream. Cross the streambed by a spring and follow it upwards to a sharp right/southeast bend – the path becomes a pleasant built-up old road leading to a small Roman fort at Bademi. (1hr 55mins)

2_3Continue across the headland, passing goat pens then through a gate and find a stony goatpath rising east then northeast. It crosses a second stream valley, following terraced walls, and curves south. On the next headland are ruins of a few small houses. The path turns east /level to a dry gully, then descends slightly through scrub around another headland. It climbs indistinctly to another gully, passing stones of an old farmstead. Approaching Belos, it starts to rise again to some goat pens and huts on the far hillside – just below the pens, bear left/northeast on a well-used but rocky goatpath. It doubles back in a long zigzag to the first tombs of Belos. (2hrs 25mins)

Belos is well worth exploring and the view over the islands is superb. Leave the ridge by the tombs and follow the Lycian Way down to a streambed. Turn right down the stream then left onto a wide, easy old road contouring the hillside to a low pass. Pass alongside a graveyard to meet a dirt road. Here, you could follow the Lycian Way east to Finike. (40 mins)

2Follow the dirt road south to Belen village, a group of houses at the head of a wide south-facing valley. Continue straight down and find the old road running west of the stream-bed. It swings right and rises with shepherd houses on the right to a rock-cut grave and hilltop fort at Kaklık. A long zigzag Roman road leads south-east/down to the sea below; near the top are remains of a stone monument to Emperor Claudius. (30mins)

Follow the Roman road southeast then on steeper zigzags going southwest into a deep gully. Cross a streambed by a new bridge and continue on a more gentle gradient. The final descent is over broken limestone and descends to meet the main road close to the weir at the entrance to the lagoon. From here, a boat will take you across the lagoon to the Beymelek road. (3hrs)

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