Beymelek – Örenbaşı – Yılanbaşı – GünağıKilisesi – AlacaYaylası – Alakilise (7hrs, easy-medium) (13km)

3_1This walk climbs to pine-clad hills where ruins are plentiful and views spectacular. It starts with a steady climb on migration route to an old fortress then follows easy old road through pines to GünağıKilise. A climb on gentle paths leads to the highest point and is followed by a descent to a yayla. Forestry and dirt roads lead down to Alakilise and a spectacular finish.

There are no villages en route and no water except wells.

Beymelek – Örenbaşı – Yılanbaşı – Günağı Church – AlacaYaylası – Alakilise

3_2Walk uphill through Beymelek village and, just before the mosque, turn left. Continue upwards and follow the dirt road up then right /north to a sharp bend. Turn left / north onto path across farmland then under large oaks to cross the dirt road again. Follow tractor track until it disappears then continue on path through trees and on rougher ground, climbing northwest to Örenbaşı, with an old well and settlement walls. Continue climbing the gradually improving old road, first with a clearing then with scattered trees on the left. The road, well used by goats, swings left / west and climbs diagonally across the hillside, through a clump of trees and arrives at the Hellenistic tower at Yılanbaşı. (3hrs)

3_3Leave the tower on your left and pass through ruins and rocks to find the old road running north through scrub and pines with a streambed below / left. It gradually approaches the wide, gravelly streambed, crosses it and continues into woodland on the far side. Climb a low ridge northwest to a scrubby area and continue left to a large oak and shepherd hut beyond; you are at the lower edge of a large sloping clearing. By the hut is a threshing floor and two columns and their capitals; nearby, amongst scrub, are the ruins of Günağı Church. (40mins)

Cross the open slope towards a large oak then climb southwest across the clearing to enter the forest. A clear path continues to a low hill with more ruins on the left. Continue right of the hill down towards a clearing then swing right /north and climb gently through an outcrop on a ridge. From here, follow a steep path down to cross a gully and climb again on the far side to a hilltop clearing. (1hr 5mins)

3_4Keep right of the scattered goat pens along the higher terraces to a fallen tree and the start of a grassy forest road. Continue right then uphill /northeast, past the ruins of stone buildings to meet a dirt road. This is the high point of the route. Turn left and descend past an unused marble quarry; Alakilise is left and far below in the valley. At the next junction turn left then keep right to a fire-fighting pool. Cross the valley floor and then turn left / southwest on a stony path leading between goat pens to Alakilise. (1hr 15mins)

After exploring, follow the Lycian Way up an old road to meet the dirt road again at the pass leading to Zeytin. Continue over the pass, descend a path into the valley and cross the tiny gorge. Climb to rejoin the road at a large well; this is the rendezvous point. (1hr)

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