West Asarcık – Çağalca – Devekuyusu – Yarımca – Zeytin – Belören (5hrs 30mins, easy) (10km)

6_1This is the route which St Nicholas probably used to visit Myra – it’s easy walking on old road through forest and scrub. It runs from the ruins of East Asarcık to a district of Karabel, then follows the old road which led first to Derekuyusu church and then meets the main road from the valley floor at Zeytin. Turn south and join the Lycian Way for the descent to Belören. After the initial stony start, the old road is mainly easy walking in woodland; the Lycian Way is also stony.

Only well water; no villages until Belören.

West Asarcık – Çağalca – Devekuyusu – Yarımca – Zeytin – Belören

Climb from the main road at the pass at Karabel up the Roman road then path to explore the hilltop ruins of West Asarcık. Contour southeast to find a zigzag path which descends a stony slope to the asphalt. Turn left and follow the road towards Karabel over deep valley. After a rocky outcrop, turn left /southeast and walk uphill, left of some houses then through woods to more houses and a junction. (1hr 40mins)

6_2Take the dirt road climbing east then continue on track then old road through trees and cross a deep valley.  On the far side, the old road rises through trees then over stony land. After a second, small stream, the path swings right /south, over a hill and through woods to a clearing. Here it bears southeast and descends to cross a deep stream bed and a dirt road to continue on a tractor track on the far side. At a fork, bear right /southeast to a clearing with many shepherd tents and a small mosque. Just right of the track is the ruined Devekuyusu church.  (1hr 30mins)

6_3Continue on tractor track then old road through woods and cross a south-facing valley. The path continues, swinging north to the top of a hill then east, crossing a series of south-facing clearings.  The route turns south, following terraced walls, then southeast. The path passes ruins in a clearing and descends another long clearing to meet a dirt track. This continues descending to the dirt road at Zeytin. (1hr)

Turn left and walk 400m to a concrete well on a pass and, shortly after, a signed left turn onto the Lycian Way. Follow the red and white marks along the left side of a field with shepherds’ huts the continue down a stony path across a scrubby hillside, meeting the road as it crosses the dry river bed.  Continue south to meet the asphalt in Belören village where you will meet your transport. (1hr 20mins)

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