West Asarcık – Karabel – ÇamTepe – Ahmetler – KızılgölDeresi – DemreÇay (5hrs or 8hrs, easy) (9km or 17km)

7_1This is the route between the two most important churches of the area and is easy, undulating walking mainly on tracks through scrub and forestIt runs from the ruins of East Asarcık to Karabel village, then follows dirt track to an ancient settlement and then to Alacahisar, a spectacular hilltop church. From here, a well-preserved Roman road runs south t the valley rim.  which led first to Derekuyusu church and then meets the main road from the valley floor at Zeytin. Turn south and join the Lycian Way for the descent to Belören. After the initial stony start, the old road is mainly easy walking in woodland; the Lycian Way is also stony.

West Asarcık – Çağalca – Devekuyusu – Yarımca – Zeytin – Belören

Climb from the main road at the pass at Karabel up the Roman road then path to explore the hilltop ruins of West Asarcık. Contour southeast to find a zigzag path which descends a stony slope to the asphalt. Turn left and follow the road over deep valley towards Karabel. Turn left onto a dirt road. (1hr 20mins)

7_2Walk west then south, passing huge blocks from an old fortification, and a junction with a track from the village. Turn right / southwest on path through forest and turn right /northwest on a dirt track, keeping left at a fork.  At a steep stony rise, the route continues left, but you could walk ahead then right to the remains of rock-cut rooms and small houses. (50 mins)

Continue south then west, climbing on forest road under overhanging pines; at a fork bear left to a better forest road and turn right / south. Follow the improving road uphill and around bends to a large cultivated area with small rock outcrops – the road runs along the northern edge to a junction and turns south to a major dirt road.  (1hr)

7_3Turn right / northwest and follow the road uphill for 300m; fork right onto a lower track along the edge of a field. Where the track swings right, continue then turn right and climb to the hilltop of Cam Tepe; on the summit is Alacahisar church. (25 mins)

Leave the church going southwest down the valley to a dirt road. Turn left and climb to a junction. Keep right and descend to a right turn; continue straight on /southeast on Roman road. (25mins)

This wide, straight road descends through pine forest alongside a streambed then curves right, away from the stream to a clearing with a well. It continues downwards on stonier ground then bears right to a ruined chapel on a slight hill – there are cut stones on both sides of the path. If you want to continue to the Demre valley, turn right and descend to the dirt road; otherwise follow the marked path left to the meeting point. (1 hr)

7_4Turn right and walk down the zigzags of the wide dirt road, which has lovely views over the Demre gorge, for 3km. At the lowest point on the road, just before an enclosure, turn left /southwest between houses onto a path descending across farmland – it soon becomes a clear old road, enters scrub and crosses a stream. With the streambed below right, continue down then swing left / south into a short canyon. Above the valley floor, bear left onto a long diagonal descent and follow it down/southeast towards the canyon floor, finishing in a zigzag behind a shepherd house. (3hrs)

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