Myra – İsionKalesi – Beymelek (2hrs 20mins, medium) (4.5km)

8_1An ancient road linked the tower of İsion with Myra – parts of it still survive, but the bridge over the DemreÇay no longer survives and on the far side of the river the road doesn’t survive. But this is a pleasant way to visit the tower and continue to Beymelek.

Myra – İsionKalesi – Beymelek

From St Nicholas church or the theatre, take a taxi to the start of this walk to avoid around 3km of boring walking through greenhouses. Ask the driver for ‘’.


8_2From the riverside, walk north-east up an asphalt road to a right turn. Keep straight on to a second right turn. Find the start of a path climbing through stony scrub with a low hill on the right; there are greenhouses and a house on the left. (20mins)

Continue, climbing slightly, on a very stony path along a slope, with a stream bed below right. The path crosses a stony outcrop, partly along a wall, then keeps to the left side of a cultivated field, crossing a tractor track. From here it becomes more distinct and descends slightly then swings right /southeast to cross one track and join another. There are greenhouses to the right. Follow narrow dirt road down to meet a wide unsurfaced road. (1hr 20mins)


8_3Turn left and follow the road past greenhouses on the left. Immediately after, turn left on a very stony tractor road which soon forks right to İsion castle.  The twin towers of the castle have been newly repaired – around them are wells and mills for olives. Beyond the castle, a winding path runs though low trees northeast to meet a dirt road. Turn right and then left to the pension at Beymelek. (40mins)

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