The modern village of Belören is situated at 650m on flat land about 7km to the north of Demre. As well as the asphalt road, a paved zigzag old road, the Gavur Yolu, links Belören with the valley bottom. The traditional rural houses, built uniformly from rubblestone with timber balconies and frames, add to the charm of the village.
Right of the Çağman road, in the centre of the village, is a church apse rising to 8m, all that remains of a three-aisled triconchos early Byzantine church. A frieze around the apse, above the two windows, is decorated with acanthus and Maltese crosses; a capital with windblown acanthus decoration was found nearby. A two-storey Byzantine building stands nearby and remains of a later chapel lie towards the hill of Asarbelen.
On the slopes of Asarbelen hill, south of the village, are many Roman period sarcophagi and some Doric column drums. On the hilltop itself is a fort of irregular outline, following the shape of the hill; inside is a large mortar-lined cistern. Parts of the wall are probably Classic, but later repairs using smaller blocks and mortar must be Byzantine. Around the castle are rooms with plain door frames, a statue or tomb base and remains of a chapel lie to the southeast.