The spectacular hilltop site locally known as Belos is 2.5km from the lagoon at an altitude of 880m. It’s linked to Beymelek by an old footpath and the Lycian Way passes it, following a well-preserved old road from Şahin Tepesi to Finike.

The hill is topped by an early Hellenistic tower. To the east and north are terraced Roman and Byzantine buildings, cisterns and wine presses; because they were made of larger blocks, the window and door frames have remained in situ. On the old road is the necropolis with more than 10 tombs, mainly in good condition.

To the northeast is an early Byzantine church; one apse of well-cut blocks survives to about 1m height. Amongst the rubble are parts of columns, capitals and bases; at least one of the capitals is decorated with lotus leaves, a symbol of the Egyptian goddess Isis. There are also several short Greek inscriptions, so far unpublished.

The views from Belos are both west over the lagoon and islands beyond and east towards Cape Gelidonia. To the west is a shepherd tent and goat pens.