Devekuyusu / Camels’ well is at 975m, 9km northeast of Myra and 2.5km southeast of Belören on the Somaklı valley. A dirt road from the Belören – Karabel asphalt to Arneai passes parallel to a stream and 100m from the site; the church is on the old road from Karabel to Zeytin and Alakilise. Currently, many shepherds have their tents here (so many as to make it worthwhile constructing a tiny mosque!) and seem to have spent their spare time wrecking the church. They have also erected two walled enclosures which obscure the site.

A badly-ruined triconchos church of about the same size as West Asarcık lies on a plain between small rocky outcrops which all appear to have been levelled-off in terraces. The church had a double window to the east apse and same in the north apse, above a door. Harrison reports that the cornice was plain and that the window pillar had a latin cross over an orb. These are now gone. Fragments of acanthus decoration (chiselled, not drilled) were found in the rubble but evidently the interior was plainer than the other churches.
In about the 9th C, a small single-aisled church was built inside the church ruins. There are ruins of buildings on a hill to the northwest (where there is a modern well over an old one).