Overlooking the lagoon at 850m, is an ancient settlement site called Yılanbaşı, 2km north of Yukarı Beymelek, now inhabited by shepherds. It was on the old road from Karacaören to Beymelek; this is still used as a migration route.

The earliest settlement was a tower with Classic-Hellenistic walls; below, to the south is a Roman-Byzantine settlement and there are necropoli with Roman sarcophagi to the north and east. Two funerary inscriptions have been published: one of them is from the grave of a couple from Myra; others cannot be read.

South of the castle are the ruins of an Early Byzantine three-naved church; a large architrave block at the western end has an inscription. A lintel with crosses lies nearby.
South of Yılanbaşı, on the route to Yükarı Beymelek, is Örenbaşı, a small settlement with a cistern, rebuilt to supply water to the shepherds.